The Best Things to Do in Homosassa Florida

If you’re looking for things to do in Homosassa, Florida, you’ve come to the right place! Located just minutes from Homosassa Springs, Cedar Breeze RV Park is perfectly located to explore everything the Gulf Coast of Florida has to offer. 

We’ve put together a list of the best activities near Homosassa for all of our guests to make the most of their visit. Read on to plan the perfect trip!

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Homosassa Springs

Homosassa Springs is one of the best and most loved activities to enjoy in the area. This state park is the perfect place to discover the wild side of Florida due to the abundance of endangered species that call this place home; Florida panters, manatees, alligators and more!

Aside from amazing wildlife, the dazzling blue waters of the main spring has been one of the top attractions in this area for those looking to soak, swim and relax. 


Salt Marsh Trails

The hiker in you will love this compact network of trails along the Chassahowitzka National Wildlife Refuge.

Make sure to check out the Lastinger Tower for an incredible view of the Salt Marsh, one of the most unique ecosystems in this area, which also happens to be a hotspot for viewing local wildlife.

Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins

Take a trip down the history of Old Florida at Yulee Sugar Mill Ruins, where the remnants of a 5,000 acre sugar plantation are preserved and made available to the public.

Sugar was once the main agricultural export of this area; in fact, Homosassa was a main supplier of sugar products during the Civil War. Enjoy the picnic areas after exploring and getting your history fix.

Monkey Island

One of our guests favorite attractions has to be Monkey Island, where species of Spider monkeys and Squirrel Monkeys happily reside alongside the famous lighthouse and other landmarks. 

Guests are sure to enjoy the funny antics of these adorable inhabitants, but make sure to keep your distance. There is a restaurant viewing area and an adjacent dock where you can observe but boaters and kayakers are not allowed to land on the island or approach the animals.

River Safari

The best way to explore this area is by boat. If you didn’t bring your own or don’t feel comfortable renting one, the best option is to hire River Safari & Gulf Charters which will take you on an aquatic tour of everything this area has to offer!

Whether you are interested in exploring Monkey Island, fishing, scalloping or just cruising around in an airboat, River Safari will be ready to suit your needs.

Sport Fishing

Sport Fishing is a way of life in Homosassa and we encourage guests to take full advantage and experience this for themselves while they are here. 

Multiple fishing charter companies are ready to be your guides and set you up for success along our waterways and help you bring home that trophy fish! 


According to many, Homosassa is one of the best scalloping locations in the world. Head over to the marina or book a charter to sort out any necessities + licenses, then spend a day out collecting scallops from the shallow seabed.

Once you’re finished, shuck, cook, and enjoy! We suggest a big pat of garlic butter and some fresh-cooked pasta. 

Where to Eat in Homosassa?

All those fishing and scalloping opportunities mean Homosassa is bursting with delicious, fresh-caught seafood. Crumps Landing and Seagrass Waterfont are two of the best restaurants in Homosassa for waterfront dining and delicious seafood. You can also enjoy crispy fried shrimp, oyster baskets, and crab legs and much more. 

Visitors also love Wild Sassa and The Freezer for a quick bite to eat and fantastic local vibes. Ahi Tuna, fresh Clam Chowder and other sea food dishes are also the star of the show at these local favorites. 

If you are looking to switch it up and eat something other than seafood, we suggest Moschello’s, serving up Italian food and authentic New York Style Pizza. 

There are so many delicious places to eat in Homosassa, this list barely scratches the surface. So if you have time we suggest trying out as many as you can!

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